Amazon MemoryDB for Redis adds support for Redis 7

Amazon MemoryDB for Redis now supports Redis 7. This release brings several new features to MemoryDB:

Redis Functions: MemoryDB adds support for Redis Functions, and provides a managed experience enabling developers to execute LUA scripts with application logic durably stored on the MemoryDB cluster.
ACL improvements: MemoryDB adds support for the next version of Redis Access Control Lists (ACLs). With MemoryDB, clients can now specify multiple sets of permissions on specific keys or keyspaces in Redis.
Sharded Pub/Sub: MemoryDB now gives you the ability to run Redis’ Pub/Sub functionality in a sharded way. With MemoryDB, channels are bound to a shard in the MemoryDB cluster, eliminating the need to propagate channel information across shards resulting in improved scalability.
Enhanced I/O Multiplexing: MemoryDB now includes enhanced I/O multiplexing, which delivers significant improvements to throughput and latency at scale. As an example, when using r6g.4xlarge node and running 5200 concurrent clients, you can achieve up to 46% increased throughput (read and write operations per second) and up to 21% decreased P99 latency, compared with MemoryDB for Redis 6.

Source:: Amazon AWS