GIX – Public Peering Report Generator

The tool utilizes PeeringDB API to collect and analyze details about requested ASN.
The generated report includes:

  • Total number of peering points.
  • Total number of unique IXP operators/organizations.
  • Total aggregated public peering capacity.
  • Percentage of IPv4 and IPv6 enabled peering points.
  • List of public peering points grouped by IXP name. Added and Updated columns will be highlighted when have changed in the last 60 days.
  • Per IXP percentage of NSP/ISP, CDN, Enterprise and other participants (grouped by ASN).
  • Per IXP total connected NSP/ISP, CDN, Enterprise and other participants capacity.
  • World map with location and number of peering points.
  • World map with total capacity of peering points.


  • Per IXP percentage, network type, total capacity and list of ASNs that do not peer at other IXPs.

where _ASN_ is the Autonomic System Numer we must provide, for instance 15169 (Google)
Valid _ASN_ ranges are 1-23455, 23457-64495 and 131072-397212.

Report about Netflix
Report about Google
Report about Apple
Report about Twitch
Report about Hulu
Report about Facebook
Report about Valve
Report about Amazon
Report about Microsoft
Report about Akamai
Report about CloudFlare
Report about NTT
Report about Level 3
Report about KPN
Report about Hurricane Electric


  • No OS specific features are used, but code is developed and tested on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (bionic)
  • Python 3.x (tested with 3.6.8)
  • Python libraries:
    • redis
    • peeringdb
    • flask
    • pygal
    • pygal_maps_world
  • Redis DB