Blockchain to ‘radically’ transform anti-fraud, anti-money-laundering efforts

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Are you letting GDPR’s privacy rules trump security?

When incident detection vendor SecBI found suspicious activity on company devices at one of its clients, they passed on the data with the expectation that the client, a large European enterprise, would investigate further. That didn’t happen. The client’s security team was not allowed to look at the data due to privacy concerns.

A contract with the company’s employee union prohibited anyone in the organization from looking at employees’ personal data (e.g., browsing data, banking transactions, or healthcare provider interactions) stored on their work computers, even though they were owned by the company. Although SecBI’s data indicated possible bad behavior on the part of an employee, the company did not have sufficient cause to investigate under the terms of the union contract.

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Edinburgh: 139th Cloudflare city

Edinburgh: 139th Cloudflare city

Edinburgh: 139th Cloudflare city

Our newest data center in Edinburgh expands our current total to 139 cities globally with a Cloudflare deployment. It also brings our UK total to 3 cities, after London and Manchester.

The city

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, located in the Lothian region. It has been recognised as the capital since the 15th century, and is the home of the Scottish government, parliament and supreme courts. It is a city of many hills, with important landmarks such as Edinburgh Castle being built at the top of a hill.

Edinburgh: 139th Cloudflare city
Photo by Nicola Gadler / Unsplash


One of the most famous events held each year in Edinburgh is the Fringe Festival, which is reported to be the world’s largest arts festival. Many famous comedians have made their big break at this very festival.

Building a community

The internet community in the UK is very well established, but mostly concentrated on London and Manchester, with a heavy emphasis on London. By deploying in Edinburgh we’re encouraging ISPs to regionalise their traffic, away from just London. We’re connected to IXScotland, and are actively seeking to peer with other connected networks, to help build the peering community.

Regional expansion

Can you guess three more cities we’ll announce deployments to in Europe? Comment your answers to be in with a chance of winning some Cloudflare swag.

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Corsair Void Pro review: The best wireless gaming headset that won’t break the bank

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UK Broadband ISPs Failing to Provide Enough Service Speed Info

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A new Mystery Shopper study conducted by consumer magazine Which? has revealed that major broadband ISPs are only giving the required information about connection speeds under Ofcom’s Code of Practice (CoP) less than half (47%) of the time, with some (e.g. TalkTalk) doing worse than others. At present Ofcom’s voluntary CoP for residential broadband speeds […]

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Cebu City, Philippines: Cloudflare’s 138th Data Center

Cebu City, Philippines: Cloudflare's 138th Data Center

Cebu City, Philippines: Cloudflare's 138th Data Center

Cebu City, the second most populous metro area, but oldest city in the Philippines is the home of Cloudflare’s newest Data Center.

Located centrally in the Philippines, Cebu has had a long standing tradition of trade and business activity, the word itself “Cebu” meaning trade. It’s central location brings excellent coverage to central and southern Philippines, while our existing location in Manila, serving the Manila Metro and northern Philippines.

Cebu City, Philippines: Cloudflare's 138th Data Center
Photo by Zany Jadraque / Unsplash

Cebu’s history covers hundreds of years, with rich local culture and international influence dating back from the first Spanish visitors to modern trade and shipping. One of the more popular dishes is Lechon.

Cebu has infamous white sand beaches, in-between making millions of websites and applications faster and more secure for the Philippine internet users, we hope our servers can get some excellent R&R on the famous beaches.

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Key vulnerabilities: devices and people | Avast Business

You’ve probably heard countless terms relating to cybersecurity, but here we are going to focus on just one: attack surface. An “attack surface” is simply the number of possible ways an attacker can get into a device or network and extract data. It’s an especially important measurement for SMBs because most think they are too small to be a target, but a quick look at their attack surface shows that it is in fact quite large, increasing their exposure to risk.

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