Barefoot Networks + P4 = a new era of network switching?

Barefoot‘s Tofino is a world’s fastest and fully user-programmable switch series able to handle up to 6.5Tb/s (65 X 100GE or 260 X 25GE). In their whitepaper Barefoot describes PISA (Protocol Independent Switch Architecture), a new model for processing packets at the highest speeds, under full programmatic control of the user. It is uses the P4 …

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Realtime stats in GIXflow

Real-time stats and a few more features have been added to GIXflow. Added real-time stats include: – total volume of TCP/UDP/ICMP/IPv6/OTHER traffic – packet rate for TCP/UDP/ICMP/IPv6/OTHER traffic – received and processed packets – received and processed flows – prefix cache size – flow queue size – sent DNS queries The realtime stats use Highcharts charting …

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A new version of GIXflow

Several features have been implemented to GIXflow: – Processing NetFlow v9/v10 templates. – Processing NetFlow v9/v10 data based on learnt earlier templates. – Adding support for IPv6 flows. – Adding stats for received and processed NetFlow packets, separate for IPv4 and IPv6. – Improving debug logging. GIXflow code is available here.

An improved version of GIXLG

Several improvements have been implemented to GIXLG: – Multithreading. A few threads can now process updates received from ExaBGP. – A prefix cache to limit number of SQL queries. – An option to turn off all SQL operations. – Better logging. – PEP8 compliant code. GIXLG code is available here.

A new version of GIXLG

The code of GIXLG has been fully rewritten and is capable to process JSON format now.

Monitor your network for DDOS

Monitor your network for DDoS ExaDDOS is an application able to gather different data sources to present a real time unified view of your network. It can gather : SNMP information at your edge IPFIX export from your routers And present it using a web interface. Our goal is to very quickly integrate it with …

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IXLeeds 3

IXLeeds 3 will take place at aql’s Salem Chapel, Leeds on 20th June 2013 and is going to be biggest event so far.

IXLeeds 2

IXLeeds 2 took place at the Carriageworks, Leeds on 12th September 2012. IXLeeds 2 was second event and opened to members and non-members. The content of the presentation is available here.

Netflow packets decoder

NetFlow packets decoder written in Python works fine. It can be used combined with the route collector code in order to assess amount of traffic passing through a particular path.

A MySQL plugin to ExaBGP during testing process

A plugin to ExaBGP to inject prefixes directly to a MySQL database is almost ready (during testing process). I am going to prepare a replacement for KLG/MRLG looking glasses which will use directly MySQL database instead of Quagga cli and provide more or less the same functionality.

IXLeeds gathering momentum

Jul 30, 2011 | AQL Left to Right : Will Hargrave (Director, LONAP), Mike Hughes, Adam Beaumont, Managing Director (aql, Thomas Mangin (Director EXA Networks), Mark Fordyce (Managing Director, York Data Services), Emma Frost (IXLeeds), Daniel Piekacz (EXA Networks), Rob Evans (JANET(UK)), George Taylor (Digital City Region). The ‘photographer’ was Andy Davidson (Director, Hurricane Electric)) …

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