AWS Identity and Access Management now supports passkey as a second authentication factor

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) now supports passkeys for multi-factor authentication to provide easy and secure sign-ins across your devices. Based on FIDO standards, passkeys use public key cryptography, which enables strong, phishing-resistant authentication that is more secure than passwords. IAM now allows you to secure access to AWS accounts using passkeys for multi-factor authentication (MFA) with support for built-in authenticators, such as Touch ID on Apple MacBooks and Windows Hello facial recognition on PCs. Passkeys can be created with a hardware security key or with your chosen passkey provider using your fingerprint, face, device PIN, and they are synced across your devices to sign-in with AWS.

AWS Identity and Access Management helps you securely manage identities and control access to AWS services and resources. MFA is a security best practice in IAM that requires a second authentication factor in addition to the user name and password sign-in credentials. Passkey support in IAM is a new feature to further enhance MFA usability and recoverability. You can use a range of supported IAM MFA methods, including FIDO-certified security keys to harden access to your AWS accounts.

This feature is available now in all AWS Regions, except in the China Regions. To learn more about using passkeys in IAM, get started by visiting the launch blog post and Using MFA in AWS documentation.

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Source:: Amazon AWS