AWS CloudTrail Lake announces AI-powered natural language query generation (preview)

AWS announces generative AI-powered natural language query generation in AWS CloudTrail Lake (preview), enabling you to simply analyze your AWS activity events without having to write complex SQL queries. Now you can ask questions in plain English about your AWS API and user activity, such as “How many errors were logged during the past week for each service and what was the cause of each error?” or “Show me all users who logged in using console yesterday”, and AWS CloudTrail will generate a SQL query, which you can run as is or fine-tune to meet your use case.

This new feature empowers users who are not experts in writing SQL queries or who don’t have a deep understanding of CloudTrail events. As a result, exploration and analysis of AWS activity in event data stores on CloudTrail Lake becomes simpler and quicker, accelerating compliance, security, and operational investigation.

This feature is now available in preview in AWS US East (N. Virginia) at no additional cost. Please note that running the queries generated using this feature will result in CloudTrail Lake query charges. Refer to CloudTrail pricing for details. To learn more about this feature and get started, please refer to the documentation.

Source:: Amazon AWS