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Amazon SES now provides custom values in the Feedback-ID header

Today, Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) released a new feature to give customers control over parts of the auto-generated Feedback-ID header in messages sent through SES. This feature provides additional details to help customers identify deliverability trends. Customers can use products like PostMaster Tools by Gmail to see complaint rates by identifiers of their choice, such as sender identity or campaign ID. This makes it easier to track deliverability performance associated with independent workloads and campaigns, and accelerates troubleshooting when diagnosing complaint rates.

Previously, SES automatically generated a Feedback-ID header when sending emails on behalf of SES customers. This Feedback-ID helps customers track their deliverability performance, such as complaint rates, at the AWS account level. Now SES includes up to two custom values in the Feedback-ID header, which customers can pass to SES during sending. Customers specify message tag values for either “ses:feedback-id-a” or “ses:feedback-id-b” (or both), and SES automatically includes these values as the first and second fields in the Feedback-ID header (respectively). This gives even more granularity when viewing deliverability metrics in tools such as PostMaster Tools by Gmail.

SES supports fine grained Feedback-ID in all AWS regions where SES is available.

For more information, see the documentation for SES event publishing.

Source:: Amazon AWS

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