Amazon SageMaker notebooks now support G6 instance types

We are pleased to announce general availability of Amazon EC2 G6 instances on SageMaker notebooks. Amazon EC2 G6 instances are powered by up to 8 NVIDIA L4 Tensor Core GPUs with 24 GB of memory per GPU and third generation AMD EPYC processors. G6 instances offer 2x better performance for deep learning inference compared to EC2 G4dn instances. Customers can use G6 instances to interactively test model deployment and for interactive model training for use cases such as generative AI fine-tuning and inference workloads, natural language processing, language translation, computer vision, and recommender engines. Amazon EC2 G6 instances are available for SageMaker notebooks in the AWS US East (N. Virginia and Ohio) and US West (Oregon) regions. Visit developer guides for instructions on setting up and using JupyterLab and CodeEditor applications on SageMaker Studio and SageMaker notebook instances.

Source:: Amazon AWS