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What’s new with Cloudflare Media: updates for Calls, Stream, and Images

Our customers use Cloudflare Calls, Stream, and Images to build live, interactive, and real-time experiences for their users. We want to reduce friction by making it easier to get data into our products. This also means providing transparent pricing, so customers can be confident that costs make economic sense for their business, especially as they scale.

Today, we’re introducing four new improvements to help you build media applications with Cloudflare:

Build real-time video and audio applications with Cloudflare Calls

Cloudflare Calls is now in open beta, and you can activate it from your dashboard. Your usage will be free until May 15, 2024. Starting May 15, 2024, customers with a Calls subscription will receive the first terabyte each month for free, with any usage beyond that charged at $0.05 per real-time gigabyte. Additionally, there are no charges for inbound traffic to Cloudflare.

To get started, read the on Unsplash,width=500,height=500,gravity=face,zoom=0.6/

Meet the Media team over Discord

As we’re working to build the next set of media tools, we’d love to hear what you’re building for your users. Come say hi to us on Discord. You can also learn more by visiting our developer documentation for Calls, Stream, and Images.

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