Continuing our work with CISA and the Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative to keep vulnerable communities secure online

Internet security and reliability has become deeply personal. This holds true for many of us, but especially those who work with vulnerable communities, political dissidents, journalists in authoritarian nations, or human rights advocates. The threats they face, both in the physical world and online, are to help organizations navigate how to keep their website secure on Cloudflare.

  • Zero Trust Security for vulnerable communities: In this roadmap, created by Cloudflare, intended for civil society and at-risk organizations, we hope to demystify the work of Zero Trust security and offer easy to follow steps to boost your cyber security efforts in your organization. This roadmap includes a range of Cloudflare’s security products with case studies for civil society, level of effort to implement, and the teams involved to make the complex world of cyber security more accessible and understandable to a wider audience.
  • Cloudflare Radar and the Outage Center to track Internet shutdowns: In addition to the route leaks and route hijacks insights, we have Radar notification functionality, enabling organizations to subscribe to notifications about traffic anomalies, confirmed Internet outages, route leaks, or route hijacks.
  • JCDC’s CISA Awareness site: CISA—through JCDC—has compiled a list of cybersecurity resources intended to help high-risk communities who are at heightened risk of being targeted by cyber threat actors because of their identity or work.
  • To the future

    There is still a lot of work to be done when it comes to protecting vulnerable voices. We hope that by collaborating with a range of stakeholders from governments, civil society, and tech companies we can better share tools and expertise to help these communities navigate the complex digital environments we find ourselves in. We remain committed to this crucial mission in the years to come and look forward to creating more partnerships to expand our products into new areas.
    If you are an organization looking for protection under Project Galileo, please visit our website:

    Source:: CloudFlare