Amazon Q Developer is now generally available

Today, AWS announces the general availability of Amazon Q Developer, a generative AI–powered assistant that reimagines your experience across the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC). Amazon Q Developer includes unique, game-changing capabilities that allow developers to offload time-consuming, manual tasks inside or outside of AWS. Amazon Q Developer capabilities include Q&A and diagnosing common errors in the AWS Management Console, Amazon Q data integration which enables you to build data integration pipelines using natural language, conversational coding and inline code generation in the IDE, and Amazon Q Developer Agent for software development in the IDE and in Amazon CodeCatalyst. Amazon Q Developer also includes Amazon Q Developer Agent for code transformation, a feature that can accelerate your application maintenance, upgrades, and migration in minutes. Additionally, Amazon Q Developer lists and describes resources in your AWS account (preview), and can now help you retrieve and analyze cost data from AWS Cost Explorer (preview).

Source:: Amazon AWS