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Anthropic launches its fastest and cheapest AI model yet

Anthropic has launched its most affordable and fastest AI model — Claude 3 Haiku, which the company claims is up to half the cost of GPT 3.5 and works up to three times faster than existing models. This newest addition to the Claude model family joins the ranks of Claude 3 Opus and Claude 3 Sonnet.

Claude 3 Haiku is a cost-effective AI solution offered by Anthropic with a fee of $0.25 per token for input and $1.25 for output. This makes it accessible to enterprises of all sizes, Anthropic wrote in a blog post.

Anthropic argued that Haiku is not only affordable but also efficient. “Businesses can rely on Haiku to quickly analyze large volumes of documents, such as quarterly filings, contracts, or legal cases, for half the cost of other models in its performance tier. For instance, Claude 3 Haiku can process and analyze 400 Supreme Court cases or 2,500 images for just one US dollar,” the blog noted.

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Source:: Computerworld

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