Apple’s Vision Pro isn’t a full-fledged Mac replacement — yet

“I haven’t upgraded the Mac (or PC) I use for work in a years. I was going to replace it this year, and I’m wondering if I could or should get an Apple Vision Pro instead. What do you think?”

I’ve heard more variations of that question in the past two weeks than I expected. It’s not a bad idea in some respects.

Apple itself is pitching Vision Pro as the first spatial computer platform.
The device uses an M2 processor on par with Macs from a year ago.
There are already tons of productivity apps and tools for the device (Office, Zoom, Webex, Things, Fantastical, and Photoshop immediately jump to mind).
Apple has made no secret of the fact it sees the device as a workplace tool.
The visionOS 1.1 beta has relatively broad support for mobile device management (MDM), meaning Vision Pro will be a good corporate citizen in short order (something that was unexpected; watchOS, for instance, took eight years to get even rudimentary MDM support).
It allows users to essentially have unlimited display space, unlike desktop or laptop displays.

I can see the wheels turning in people’s heads when they consider that this is a device with clear potential well beyond playing with dinosaurs, reliving moments with spatial photos or watching immersive movies or other content. It draws you into a slightly different but incredibly compelling world and it feels like someone’s handed you something from a magical future.

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Source:: Computerworld