FreeRTOS announces availability of modular and composable OTA libraries

Today, FreeRTOS announces the availability of modular and composable Over-The-Air update (OTA) libraries that make it easy for you to configure and customize the system update process for your Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Using FreeRTOS OTA libraries, you can quickly build connected products capable of seamlessly processing remote firmware update tasks, thus allowing you to manage and maintain your device fleet to be up to date. With the new update, you can now configure FreeRTOS open source OTA libraries in small batches for better flexibility as compared to using a large library that may require base-code modification. For example, to retain operational integrity and continuity of your deployed IoT devices, you can now configure your modular FreeRTOS libraries to first require the device to be in a ‘safe’ or ‘commissioning’ mode and only then accept and process software update messages. 

Source:: Amazon AWS