Amazon Connect now supports routing contacts according to the proficiency of agents

Amazon Connect now provides the ability to create and use agent proficiencies for routing a contact to the best available agent in a queue. Each proficiency indicates an agent’s level of expertise in an attribute such as language fluency, skillset, or customer issue types they support. Using agent proficiencies, you can create custom routing requirements so that each customer contact is matched to the available agent best able to drive your desired business outcome. You can also create a series of timed routing steps, so that if your targeted set of agents is not available, you can progressively expand routing to target a wider pool of agents to find the best match. For example, you can set routing criteria where a customer with credit card and auto loans issues can talk to a specialist in both credit card and auto loans (e.g., credit card level 4+ and auto loans 4+). If a match is not found in sufficient time, you can relax the credit card requirement and ensure the matching agent can support the customer’s priority of auto loans (e.g., auto loans 4+).

Source:: Amazon AWS