‘IT that just works’: A mantra for innovation at Kinaxis

“IT that just works” is the mantra of the IT organization at Kinaxis, a Canada-based maker of supply chain planning software. The slogan is written on T-shirts; promoted during meetings; dropped into casual conversation; and, perhaps most importantly, serves as the core design principle guiding all digital experiences.

Whether a project involves equipment setup, employee onboarding, or finessing the user experience for its core software, Kinaxis’ IT organization goes the extra mile to simplify interactions and elevate user engagement. Sometimes the quest for quality and innovation takes longer, but it’s what defines the Kinaxis IT culture.

“We empower people and give them permission to go for something really good,” says Yvonne Holland, CIO at Kinaxis, which ranks fifth among midsize companies in Computerworld’s “Best Places to Work in IT 2024” survey. “When they’re designing solutions, they aren’t afraid to push for excellence. And they’re working on projects that are more interesting because of the design principles they’re applying.”

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Source:: Computerworld