6+ issues for autonomous vehicles (and any Apple Car)

Once upon a time, everybody seemed to believe autonomous vehicles (AVs) would soon be wheeling themselves merrily on every road.

That didn’t happen.

Though we still expect these things to arrive on streets eventually, how they do so won’t be straightforward, and it’s questionable whether private ownership is even a desirable aim. Shared AVs seems like a more promising approach.

Even before we get to that, here are six problems the Apple Car – and anyone else developing such vehicles – must solve.

Saving the world one car at a time

The car you drive is a giant chunk of steel, iron, plastic, aluminium, glass, rubber, precious metals and more. Not all of these materials are as readily available as they once were and the energy used in manufacturing a vehicle is an estimated 2.7MWh/car, according to the European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association (ACEA).

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Source:: Computerworld