Zoomtopia 2023: Zoom bets on AI with new Docs, AI Companion tools

At its annual Zoomtopia conference in San Jose, California, videoconferencing company Zoom today announced a range of new products and capabilities, including an AI-powered document application called Zoom Docs and an expanded list of capabilities offered by the company’s recently launched AI Companion — all aimed at offering enterprises a more complete collaboration and communications platform for hybrid work.

Alongside its standard document capabilities, Zoom Docs also offers project-tracking and wiki-building features that integrate with the Zoom platform and third-party apps. Users will be able to collaborate on documents by tagging colleagues to loop them into discussions, adding comments and threads to explain context, and assigning tasks and sharing documents. Layouts can be customized with elements including  tablesand image blocks, and AI-powered functionality will allow users to view content summaries and search documents for relevant information.

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Source:: Computerworld