The one thing that might keep Google’s Pixel 8 phones from selling

If you’ll pardon the nod to a certain posterior-possessed 90s-era rap icon, after spending the past couple weeks with Google’s latest Pixel phones and pondering the devices’ bigger-picture significance, I’m left with one particularly cheeky thought charging through my head:

All of the big buts are gone. (Sorry, Sir Mix-a-Lot.)

Questionable cultural references aside, it really is true. The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro feel like the culmination of many (many, many) years of Google’s hardware efforts evolving and growing into a cohesive, compelling whole. And while previous Pixels have had plenty of good stuff goin’ for ’em, these latest Pixel phones are the first models where I’m left scratching my noggin to come up with any meaningful drawbacks — while also struggling to understand why these devices might not be the market-shattering smash hits they seem like they should be, at least on a surface level.

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Source:: Computerworld