Got a Google Pixel? Check out these awesome Android 14 gems

If you’ve got one of Google’s Pixel phones, good news: You’ll be seeing a snazzy-sounding update to Android 14 any day now — if you haven’t already.

Now, the slightly less exciting news: Odds are, once you have that update on your device, your initial reaction will fall somewhere between a “huuuuh?!” and an “uhh, all riiiiiight….” (There may or may not be a quizzical expression of some sort involved, along with the possibility of a perplexed “harumph.”)

That’s because on the surface, Android 14 really doesn’t look all that new or noteworthy. In fact, if the update popped up on your Pixel without warning, there’s a decent chance you might not even notice anything was different at all.

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Source:: Computerworld