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Cyber attacks in the Israel-Hamas war

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On October 7, 2023, at 03:30 GMT (06:30 AM local time), Hamas attacked Israeli cities and fired thousands of rockets toward populous locations in southern and central Israel, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Air raid sirens began sounding, instructing civilians to take cover.

Approximately twelve minutes later, Cloudflare systems automatically detected and mitigated DDoS attacks that targeted websites that provide critical information and alerts to civilians on rocket attacks. The initial attack peaked at 100k requests per second (rps) and lasted ten minutes. Forty-five minutes later, a second much larger attack struck and peaked at 1M rps. It lasted six minutes. Additional smaller DDoS attacks continued hitting the websites in the next hours.

DDoS attacks against Israeli websites that provide civilians information and alerts on rocket attacks

Not just DDoS attacks

Multiple Israeli websites and mobile apps have become targets of various pro-Palestinian hacktivist groups. According to .

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A note about our methodologies

The insights that we provide is based on traffic and attacks that we see against websites that are using Cloudflare, unless otherwise stated or referenced to a third party source. More information about our methodologies can be found here.

Source:: CloudFlare

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