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Don’t expect much from Copilot for Windows (yet)

“It just works.” That’s the mantra Steve Jobs applied to the Mac every chance he got. But it’s a sentence that could never be applied to Windows, a 38-year-old operating system long bedeviled by bugs, Blue Screens of Death, unexplained crashes and slowdowns, and illogical design at every turn.

Over the years, Microsoft has slowly improved it, made it sleeker, faster, and more reliable, and designed a more welcoming and simpler interface. Today, Windows 11 is a modern-looking operating system that’s generally fast, reliable, and straightforward to use. Almost all the time, if you want to get it to do something, it will comply.

But it is still Windows. Doing some things like creating a new user account isn’t straightforward. And if you want to dig deep and do more complex things, you could end up lost in the dark recesses of the primal Control Panel, or worse, trying to troubleshoot drivers in the dreaded Device Manager.

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Source:: Computerworld

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