Could Superhuman be your email savior?

If we’re gonna have an honest discussion about email, we need to get a few tough truths out of the way first. Think of ’em as ground rules for the conversation we’re about to embark on:

Email is atrocious. It’s a soul-sucking hell-hole that steals hours of your day and never lets up.
Most modern email tools fail to create a fully effective framework for navigating the deluge of email we busy professionals find ourselves facing on a daily basis — a truly inspired system for taming the madness and keeping our inboxes organized (ideally while keeping our sanity at least somewhat intact).
Email is also unavoidable, and when handled properly, it can be an absolute asset for practically any business or professional purpose.

Now, if you don’t agree with any of those points, let me save you some time: This article isn’t for you.

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Source:: Computerworld