Amazon Connect outbound campaigns now offers voice dialing with no agents required

Amazon Connect outbound campaigns now supports high-volume outreach with no agents required. A new dial type called “Agentless“ makes it easier to proactively communicate with your customers for use cases such as personalized voice notifications, appointment reminders, or to enable self-service using the Interactive Voice Response (IVR). You may use integrated answering machine detection to help identify a live customer pickup or a voicemail, and customize your contact strategy accordingly (e.g., if a live person, present options for them to select, and if a voicemail, leave a message). You can also manage pacing by specifying dial capacity for each campaign (e.g., send more voice notifications faster by setting a higher dial capacity for a specific Agentless campaign compared to other dialer campaigns). An optional integrated list management capability provided by Amazon Pinpoint can also be used to build customer journeys and multi-channel user experiences. The Agentless dial type is available out-of-the box and can be enabled within the AWS Connect Console.

Source:: Amazon AWS