Issue #590 (Aug. 15, 2023)

#590 – AUGUST 15, 2023

How to Annotate Methods That Return self

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the Self type hint in Python to annotate methods that return an instance of their own class. You’ll gain hands-on experience with type hints and annotations of methods that return an instance of their class, making your code more readable and maintainable.

Creating a Context Manager in Python

Objects with __enter__ and __exit__ methods can be used as context managers in Python. This article (and screencast) explains most of what you’ll want to know when creating your own context managers.
TREY HUNNER • Shared by Trey Hunner

If App Signup is Giving You Headaches, Here’s Your Answer: FusionAuth’s Modern Guide to OAuth

Our Modern Guide to OAuth is chock full of real-world examples, without fluffy BS. We made it, you learn it. It’s a win-win. And when you’re ready, you can spin up an instance of FusionAuth for FREE in just five minutes →

PEP 723: Embedding pyproject.toml in Single-File Scripts

This PEP proposes a metadata format which a single-file script can use to specify dependency and tool information for IDEs and external development tools. It replaces PEP 722.

PyPI: 2FA Enforcement for New User Registrations


PSF Announces New PyPI Safety & Security Engineer


Python 3.12.0 RC 1 Released


Articles & Tutorials

Prompt Engineering: A Practical Example

Learn prompt engineering techniques with a practical, real-world project to get better results from large language models. This tutorial covers zero-shot and few-shot prompting, delimiters, numbered steps, role prompts, chain-of-thought prompting, and more. Improve your LLM-assisted projects today.

Why Static Languages Suffer From Complexity

An extremely detailed, deep dive on how static type systems impact the consistency of languages. Hirrolot compares a variety of lesser known languages to see the consequences of their decisions. See also the associated Hacker News discussion.

Companies like GitLab, Snowflake, and Slack Scan Their Code for Vulnerabilities Using Semgrep

Scan your code and dependencies for security vulnerabilities for free with Semgrep – the trusted OSS tool used by top companies like GitLab, Snowflake, and Slack. No security expertise needed, simply add your project and let Semgrep do the work in just minutes →
SEMGREP sponsor

Python’s list: A Deep Dive With Examples

In this tutorial, you’ll dive deep into Python’s lists. You’ll learn how to create them, update their content, populate and grow them, and more. Along the way, you’ll code practical examples that will help you strengthen your skills with this fundamental data type in Python.

A Complete Comparison of Sorting Algorithms

An comprehensive comparison on the performance of 9 major Sorting Algorithms and how well they perform under varying circumstances. The aim of the article is to show you where each type of Algorithms shines, and where it does badly.
CODERSLEGACY.COM • Shared by Raahim Siddiqi

Support Bootstrap-Alerts in Python-Markdown

If you’re using Markdown on your blog, or any website, a conversion pipeline allows you to create your own rules and widgets. This article shows you how to integrate Bootstrap Alert boxes into a Markdown workflow.
FLORIAN DAHLITZ • Shared by Florian Dahlitz

How a Simple Import Can Modify the Interpreter

This article shows a sample module that swaps the values for 8 and 9, not something generally recommended. Learn how side effects from an import can impact your code and just what the integer object cache is.

Does Elegance Matter?

In this article, the author explains why he thinks that elegance should be a fundamental driver when you are writing (Python) code, and gives a few tips on how to write elegant code.
MATHSPP.COM • Shared by Rodrigo Girão Serrão

Why Python Is Amazing

This opinion piece by Jos is a counter to the “its a terrible language” posts you come across once and a while. Read why Jos thinks Python is amazing.

Llama From Scratch

This blog post provides step by step instructions on how to implement llama from scratch, using a dramatically scaled-down version for training.

Learn How to Deploy Scientific AI Models to Edge Environments, Using OpenVINO Model Server

🤔 Can cell therapy and AI be used together? Learn how to efficiently build and deploy scientific AI models using open-source technologies with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences at our upcoming DevCon OpenVINO webinar. #DevCon2023

Adversarial Attacks on Aligned LLMs

Deep CS paper on how to abuse Large Language Models and work around restrictions where the model is refusing to answer.

2022 PSF Annual Report

The annual report from the Python Software Foundation details all the changes and events at the PSF last year.

Projects & Code

dpv: Alternative to pyenv-virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper

GITHUB.COM/CAIOARIEDE • Shared by Caio Ariede

nodice-cli: Word List Generator With No Dependencies


briefcase: Convert Python to a Native Application


django_simple_notification: REST Notification System


pyOCD: Python for Arm Cortex-M Microcontrollers



Weekly Real Python Office Hours Q&A (Virtual)

August 16, 2023

PyData Bristol Meetup

August 17, 2023

PyLadies Dublin

August 17, 2023

DjangoConAU 2023

August 18 to August 19, 2023

PyCon AU 2023

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Chattanooga Python User Group

August 18 to August 19, 2023

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