Technologists should focus on proactivity, not reactivity, to deliver on Industry 4.0 goals

As we seek to build smarter factories, embrace new business models, and streamline operations, manufacturers of all shapes and sizes are looking to integrate the latest technologies, whether or not they use the term ‘Industry 4.0’. The World Economic Forum’s 2022 ‘Global Smart Industry Readiness Index revealed that investment in deep tech solutions, amid commitments to innovation, remain a key priority for business leaders in 2023 across the UK manufacturing industries.

But as manufacturers look to double down on their Industry 4.0 transformation programs over the next 12 months, they cannot afford to overlook the need to monitor and optimise IT performance at all times. As we have seen over recent years (firstly in the consumer market but now also in a business context), customers are simply not willing to tolerate poor digital experiences. And therefore, it’s vital for organisations to equip their IT teams with the tools and insights they need to optimise application performance at all times, otherwise, they risk being unable to maximise their Industry 4.0 investments.

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Source:: Computerworld