New data infrastructure to speed platform performance

Work management company has announced the initial rollout of its new mondayDB data infrastructure, built to underpin the company’s Work OS platform and help boost customers’ usage of the system.

Described by the company as having a schemaless architecture — meaning that it has no predefined structure for how data is organized and stored — mondayDB strengthens the Work OS platform on top of which all of’s suite of products are built. This will allow the Work OS system to better cope with the technical challenges associated with the flexibility that the company wants to offer its customers.

“With traditional project management tools… each task or project has a rigid structure with a due date, assignees, and so forth,” said Daniel Lereya, the newly appointed chief product and technology officer at “But, with monday, one customer can decide to use the platform for bug reporting, while another might use it to track shipments or assign people to shifts.”

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Source:: Computerworld