Issue #584 (July 4, 2023)

#584 – JULY 4, 2023

Why Are Membership Tests So Fast for range() in Python?

In Python, range() is most commonly used in for loops. However, ranges have some other use cases too, as they share many properties with lists. In this tutorial, you’ll explore why it’s so fast to perform a membership test on a Python range.

What’s the Deal With CPython, Pypy, MicroPython, Jython…?

This comprehensive article introduces you to all the different ways you can Python. CPython isn’t the only choice, learn what else is out there and why you might choose an alternative.

Companies like GitLab, Snowflake, and Slack Scan Their Code for Vulnerabilities Using Semgrep

Scan your code and dependencies for security vulnerabilities for free with Semgrep – the trusted OSS tool used by top companies like GitLab, Snowflake, and Slack. No security expertise needed, simply add your project and let Semgrep do the work in just minutes →
SEMGREP sponsor

I Am the First PSF Security Developer-in-Residence

Seth was recently hired as the first Security Developer-In-Residence at the PSF. His blog post talks about what his responsibilities are and how he defines success for the position.

PSF Board Election Results


Django Security Releases Issued: 4.2.3, 4.1.10, and 3.2.20


FOSS United Conference Hyderabad, India Call for Papers

INDIAFOSS.NET • Shared by Poruri Sai Rahul

PyLadies Conference (Dec 2023) Call for Volunteers



TKinter in Python: Advanced Notions


Python Jobs

Software Engineer (Dallas or Los Angeles) (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

Causeway Capital Management LLC

More Python Jobs >>>

Articles & Tutorials

How to Flatten a List of Lists in Python

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to flatten a list of lists in Python. You’ll use different tools and techniques to accomplish this task. First, you’ll use a loop along with the .extend() method of list. Then you’ll explore other tools, including reduce(), sum(), itertools.chain(), and more.

Jinja Templating

With Jinja, you can build rich templates that power the front end of your web applications. But you can use Jinja without a web framework running in the background. Anytime you want to create text files with programmatic content, Jinja can help you out.

DataWars: Practice Data Science with Real Life Projects

DataWars’s platform includes +100 of Data Science projects to practice Pandas, Scikit-Learn, SQL and much more, in an interactive, ready to use environment. Create an account for free and start your challenge →
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Estimating Wagtail Websites’ Emissions

This article describes quantifying the carbon footprint of websites built with Wagtail, the Python CMS, based on a dataset of 4,000 websites. Wagtail is looking at potential improvements that could be rolled out to a large number of projects.
WAGTAIL.ORG • Shared by Thibaud Colas

CLI Tools Hidden in the Python Standard Library

There are several modules in Python that are directly callable from the command line, including the ability to gzip and pretty print JSON. This article introduces you to what is available and how Simon discovered them.

When NumPy Is Too Slow

Sometimes just switching to NumPy just isn’t enough of a speed boost, what then? Before you contemplate parallelism, there are other approaches. This articles shows you other ways of improving performance.

Deprecation of bdist_egg Uploads to PyPI

PEP 715 has been accepted and as of August 1, 2023, the .egg format will no longer be accepted as an upload. Existing eggs on PyPI will remain in place.

ML System Design: 200 Case Studies

A collection of links to 200 different blog posts / case studies from leaders in the ML space. Learn how companies such as Netflix and Airbnb implement and use ML in their organizations.

Top 10 Python Code Vulnerabilities to Know

Dive into Snyk’s Top 10 Python Code Vulnerabilities cheat sheet to gain a comprehensive understanding of each vulnerability type found in first-party Python code, including its impact, potential risks, and attack vectors.
SNYK.IO sponsor

Automating Deployment Using the Kubernetes SDK

Learn how to use the Python Kubernetes SDK to automate application deployments, including creating Kubernetes resources like deployments, services, secrets, config maps, and ingress.
FAIZAN BASHIR • Shared by Faizan Bashir

Counting Occurrences in Python With collections.Counter

Python’s collections.Counter objects are helpful for counting occurrences of iterable items. They’re especially helpful when paired with generator expressions.
TREY HUNNER • Shared by Trey Hunner

Projects & Code

polars-cookbook: Recipes for Using Python’s Polars Library


symbex: Search Python for Symbols to Output to an LLM


jupyterlab-theme-editor: Theme Editor for Jupyter


bark: Text-Prompted Generative Audio Model


llama_index: Connect Your LLM’s With External Data



Weekly Real Python Office Hours Q&A (Virtual)

July 5, 2023

Sydney Python User Group (SyPy)

July 6, 2023

Django Girls Abraka Workshop

July 7 to July 8, 2023

DFW Pythoneers 2nd Saturday Teaching Meeting

July 8, 2023

SciPy 2023

July 10 to July 17, 2023

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