How the Google Pixel Fold could make every Android device better

When you talk about Google’s Pixel Fold, it’s tough not to focus mostly on the phone’s form.

I mean, this is a device whose screen folds in half, for cryin’ out loud! It may not be the first Android phone to feature that feat, but still: It’s without a doubt the device’s defining characteristic. And it’s quite a sight to see, even in passing, and even more so to experience in your own pockets and person-paws.

While it’s easy to obsess over the Fold’s fold, though, we’ve been there and done that at this point. And now that I’ve personally been totin’ the Pixel Fold around in my pantaloons for a solid month (somehow!), I want to move beyond the surface and focus a little more closely on what might actually be the Fold’s most significant innovation from an Android-wide, platform perspective.

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Source:: Computerworld