For tech users, change is good

If you’re a small business or home user of Microsoft, you likely feel at times like a second-class citizen. I still remember when noted tech consultant Mark Minasi used to joke that Microsoft wrote software for the Fortune 499 — every major Fortune 500 company exceptApple — which meant that for many years consumer and home users were just along for the ride with Microsoft’s big-enterprise goals.

This is true more than ever with Windows 11. From its security mandates to its enhanced hardware requirements, Windows 11 has been a hard sell. The hardware mandates appear arbitrary and seem intended to push sales of new computers. But they do serve a purpose: to put in place building blocks for additional security protections involving credentials. The problem is that many small businesses and home users can’t take advantage of these security features for various reasons. Or they don’t see value in using biometrics, Windows Hello, or other more robust authentication techniques when they just want to use their computer without needing even a password to log in.

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Source:: Computerworld