Despite productivity crisis, UK businesses are slow to adopt AI: Research

New research from Slack has found that UK businesses are less productive than their global counterparts, due to a misplaced focus on performative work over impactful tasks that ultimately contribute to a company’s goals.

Based on findings from 2,000 desk workers in the UK, the survey also highlighted that although workers are optimistic that AI can help solve these challenges, UK businesses are losing out in the adoption race.

Only 21% of respondents said their company was using AI tools to improve productivity, compared to 75% in India, 35% in Singapore, 29% in Germany, and 23% in France.

One of the main challenges facing office-based workers in the UK is that their productivity is often measured in visibility rather than by impact. Of those surveyed by Slack, 37% said their productivity is measured by the hours spent in the office or online, resulting in 30% of their average working day being lost to performative work that doesn’t contribute to company goals but is simply done to appear productive.

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Source:: Computerworld