Businesses to boost Windows 11 adoption in ‘24, but Windows 10 still dominates

Businesses are likely to accelerate their adoption of Windows 11 next year, as the 2025 Windows 10 support deadline trumps underlying economic concerns.

Almost two years after the operating system’s launch, the total installed base for Windows 11 stands at around 25% to 30%, said Linn Huang, research vice president for devices and displays at IDC.  That lines up with the most recent StatCounter figures, which put Windows 11 adoption at 29% — still far behind Windows 10’s 67%.  

Huang expects Windows 11 adoption to reach an “inflection point” early in 2024. “I think, ballpark, we’re probably a quarter to a third of the way there in the total installed base [now]. But we’re really going to see a strong movement on that starting at the turn of this calendar year, into the next year,” he said.

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Source:: Computerworld