Who wants a regular laptop with a 100-in. screen?

Here comes an entirely new kind of computer.

Events like this don’t happen often. So, we should all stop and marvel at the emergence of what I call the ARPC — the “augmented reality PC.”

The “form factor” solves the decades-old desire to maximize screen size while minimizing hardware size.

And it’s ideal for the age of remote work, digital nomad living, workcations, bleisure travel, staybaticals, hot-desking, hoteling, and every other future-of-work neologism that has emerged since the Covid plague.

Here’s the concept: You have a regular computer but with no physical display. Instead, you wear augmented reality glasses, and the display is virtual. That means you can have a display that’s gigantic with a computer that can be the size of an ordinary laptop.

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Source:: Computerworld