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AWS Network Firewall now supports Suricata HOME_NET variable override

AWS Network Firewall now allows you to override the Suricata HOME_NET variable making it easy to use AWS managed rule groups in firewalls that are deployed in a centralized deployment model. Managed rule groups are collections of predefined, ready-to-use rules that AWS writes and maintains for you. The Suricata HOME_NET variable of the managed rule group has the Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) range which is inspected by the AWS Network Firewall. Previously, you were unable to override HOME_NET variable as it used the CIDR ranges of VPC where the firewall is deployed. If your firewall uses a central inspection VPC, AWS Network Firewall populates HOME_NET with CIDR ranges of the inspection VPC, instead of the application (spoke) VPCs which you want to filter. 

Source:: Amazon AWS

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