Announcing Cohort #2 of the Workers Launchpad

Announcing Cohort #2 of the Workers Launchpad

Announcing Cohort #2 of the Workers Launchpad

We launched the $2B Workers Launchpad Funding Program in late 2022 to help support the over one million developers building on Cloudflare’s Developer Platform, many of which are startups leveraging Cloudflare to ship faster, scale more efficiently, and accelerate their growth.

Cohort #1 wrap-up

Since announcing the program just a few months ago, we have welcomed 25 startups from all around the world into our inaugural cohort and recently wrapped up the program with the Demo Day. Cohort #1 gathered weekly for Office Hours with our Solutions Architects for technical advice and the Founders Bootcamp, where they spent time with Cloudflare leadership, preview upcoming products with our Developer Platform Product Managers, and receive advice on a wide range of topics such as how to build Sales teams and think about the right pricing model for your product.

Learn more about what these companies are building and what they’ve been up to below:


Identity and Access Management streamlined.

Demo Day pitch

Why they chose Cloudflare
“Cloudflare is the de facto Infrastructure for building resilient serverless products, it was a no-brainer to migrate to Cloudflare Workers to build the most frictionless experience for our customers.”

Recent updates
Learn more about how Authdog is using Cloudflare’s Developer Platform in their Built With Workers case study.


Automotive Commerce APIs to Buy & Sell Cars Online.

Demo Day pitch

Why they chose Cloudflare
“We believe that Cloudflare is the next-generation of cloud computing platforms, and Drivly is completely built on Cloudflare, from Workers, Queues, PubSub, and especially Durable Objects.”

Recent updates
Drivly made their public launch at Demo Day!


Integrate APIs, the easy way.

Demo Day pitch

Why they chose Cloudflare
“Simplicity and Performance. Using Pages and KV is extremely easy, but what really impresses are Workers with a nearly instant cold start!”

Recent updates
Check out how Cloudflare is helping Flethy improve and accelerate API service integrations for developers here.


Serverless GPU.

Demo Day pitch

Why they chose Cloudflare
“Cloudflare is core to the internet; R2, Transit, Workers with no egress charge.”

Recent updates
GPUX launched v2 of their platform on Demo Day!


The easiest way to build and deploy GraphQL backends.

Demo Day pitch

Why they chose Cloudflare
“The Grafbase platform is built from the ground up to be highly performant and deployed to the edge using Rust and WebAssembly. Services like Cloudflare Workers, KV, Durable Objects, Edge Caching were a natural choice as it fits perfectly into our vision architecturally.”

Recent updates
Grafbase, which is building on Workers for Platforms among other Cloudflare products, celebrated their public launch and 7 new features in their April 2023 Launch Week.


Simple, seamless, and secure way to eliminate passwords.

Demo Day pitch

Why they chose Cloudflare
“We found it to be the best fit for our needs: performant, and easy to develop on, easy to scale.”

Recent updates
Learn more about how JEMPass works here.

The last line of defense for the software supply chain.

Demo Day pitch

Why they chose Cloudflare
“Cloudflare’s developer products offer effortlessly powerful building blocks essential to scaling up product to meet strenuous customer demand while enabling our developers to deliver faster than ever.”

Recent updates
Karambit recently received a grant from the Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation to help scale their commercial growth.

Narrative BI

A no-code analytics platform for growth teams that automatically turns raw data into actionable narratives.

Demo Day pitch

Why they chose Cloudflare
“Our customers benefit as we improve the quality of insights for them by running advanced algorithms for finding unqualified data points and quickly solving them with the unlimited power of Cloudflare Workers.”

Recent updates
Learn more about how Cloudflare is helping Narrative BI improve the quality of insights they generate for customers here.


API-first personalization and experimentation solution to give your customers blazing-fast experiences.

Demo Day pitch

Why they chose Cloudflare
“Cloudflare’s developers platform allows us to fully deploy our everything-on-the-edge approach to both data and delivery means personalized experience cause zero loading lag and zero interruptions for the customer.”

Recent updates
Ninetailed recently launched integrations with Contentstack, Zapier, and other tools to improve and personalize digital customer experiences. Learn more on the Ninetailed blog and their Built with Workers case study.


Scalable, secure and cost-effective digital infrastructure, without the complexities of it.

Demo Day pitch

Why they chose Cloudflare
“Workers provides us with a global network of edge compute that we can use to route data internally to our user’s deployments, providing our users with infinite scale.”

Recent updates
Patr was recently highlighted as a Product of the Day on Product Hunt!


Polyglot monitoring and edge observability.

Demo Day pitch

Why they chose Cloudflare
“Polyglot, Secure, Cost-Effective Edge Observability – all powered by Cloudflare Workers and R2 Storage.”

Recent updates
QRYN recently launched integrations with Cloudflare Log Push, Grafana, and others.

Quest is a code-generation tool that automatically generates frontend code for business applications.

Demo Day pitch

Why they chose Cloudflare
“We chose Cloudflare’s Workers and Pages product to augment our frontend code-gen to include backend and hosting capabilities.”

Recent updates
Quest has been hard at work expanding their platform and recently added animations, CSS grid, MUI & Chakra UI support, NextJS support, breakpoints, nested components, and more.

Rollup ID

Simple & Secure ‍User Access. Rollup is all your authentication and authorization needs bundled into one great package.

Demo Day pitch

Why they chose Cloudflare
“We chose Cloudflare’s developer platform because it provides us all the tools to build a logical user graph at the edge. We can utilize everything from Durable Objects, D1, R2, and more to build a fast and distributed auth platform.”

Recent updates
Rollup ID recently made their public debut and has rolled out lots of new features since. Learn more here.


Translating videos at the speed of social media using AI.

Demo Day pitch

Why they chose Cloudflare
“Cloudflare Stream allows us to compete with YouTube’s scale while being a 1-person startup, and Cloudflare Workers handles millions of unique views on Targum without waking us up at night.”

Recent updates
Targum launched its platform to customers and hit $100K MRR in just a few days! Check out their Built With Workers case study to learn more.


Fixing website platforms without code.

Demo Day pitch

Why they chose Cloudflare
“Workers and the Cloudflare developer platform have been pivotal in enabling us to modernize and enhance existing website platforms and grow their conversions by 5X with little to no code.”

Recent updates
Touchless has been growing their ecosystem and recently joined the RudderStack Solutions Partner Program.

Introducing Cohort #2 of the Workers Launchpad!

We have received hundreds of applications from startups from nearly 50 different countries. There were many AI or AI-related companies helping everyone from developers, to security teams and sales organizations. We also heard from many startups looking to improve developer tooling and collaboration, new social and gaming platforms, and companies solving a wide range of problems that ecommerce, consumer, real estate, and other businesses face today.

While these applicants are tackling a diverse set of real-world problems, the common thread is that they chose to leverage Cloudflare’s developer platform to build more secure, scalable, and feature-rich products faster than they otherwise could.

Without further ado, we are thrilled to announce the 25 incredible startups selected for Cohort #2 of the Workers Launchpad:

Announcing Cohort #2 of the Workers Launchpad

Here’s what they’re building, in their own words:
Making AI available and accessible to all.
Automate delegating tasks to both your bots and human workers with an MTurk compatible API.

Arrive GG
Real-time CDN for gamers.

All-in-one web framework designed for speed. Pull your content from anywhere and deploy everywhere, all powered by your favorite UI components and libraries.

Azule delivers AI agents that interact with your customers.

Build better software, visually.

Buildless is a global build cache, like Cloudflare for compiled code; we cache artifacts and make them available over the internet to exponentially accelerate developer velocity.

no-code platform to build multi-model AI for your business.

Collaborative ChatGPT for your team.

Clerk, the drop-in authentication and user management solution for React.
OpenSource Software & Design collaboration made easy.

Drifting in Space
Drifting in Space builds software that enables developers to use WebSockets to create real-time applications.

Eclipse AI
Prevent churn with generative AI.

Marketplace automation platform enabling businesses to scale better and faster.

Fudge makes websites faster.

Real world social on a generative AI stack.

Monosnap is a secure productivity SaaS with B2B PLG strategy, complementing existing workflows.

Nefeli Networks
Unified and declarative cloud network management.

The digital floor plan platform.

Speech Labs
AI assistant helping with everyday tasks.
Mobile app testing made easy.

Tigris Data
Serverless NoSQL database and search platform to help developers quickly and easily build any application.

tldraw is building an infinite canvas for developers.

The programmatic authorization layer for SaaS.

WunderGraph: The Backend for Frontend framework.

We are looking forward to working with each of these companies over the next few months and sharing what they’re building with you.

If you’re building on Cloudflare’s Developer Platform, head over to @CloudflareDev or join the Cloudflare Developer Discord community to stay in the loop on Launchpad updates. In the early fall, we’ll be selecting Cohort #3 — apply early here!

Cloudflare is not providing any funding or making any funding decisions, and there is no guarantee that any particular company will receive funding through the program. All funding decisions will be made by the venture capital firms that participate in the program. Cloudflare is not a registered broker-dealer, investment adviser, or other similar intermediary.

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