Using the Linux ncdu command to view your disk usage

The ncdu command provides a fast and very easy-to-use way to see how you are using disk space on your Linux system. It allows you to navigate through your directories and files and review what file content is using up the most disk space. If you’ve never used this command, you’ll likely have to install it before you can take advantage of the insights it can provide with a command like one of these:

$ sudo dnf install ncdu
$ sudo apt install ncdu

The name “ncdu” stands for “NCurses disk usage. .It uses an ncurses interface to provide the disk usage information. “Curses”, as you probably know, has no connection to foul language. Instead, when related to Linux, “curses” is a term related to “cursor” – that little marker on your screen that indicates where you are currently working. Ncurses is a terminal control library that lends itself to constructing text user interfaces.

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Source:: Network World – Linux