Internet disruptions overview for Q1 2023

Internet disruptions overview for Q1 2023

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Internet disruptions overview for Q1 2023

Cloudflare operates in more than 285 cities in over 100 countries, where we interconnect with over 11,500 network providers in order to provide a broad range of services to millions of customers. The breadth of both our network and our customer base provides us with a unique perspective on Internet resilience, enabling us to observe the impact of Internet disruptions.

We entered 2023 with Internet disruptions due to causes that ran the gamut, including several government-directed Internet shutdowns, cyclones, a massive earthquake, power outages, cable cuts, cyberattacks, technical problems, and military action. As we have noted in the past, this post is intended as a summary overview of observed disruptions, and is not an exhaustive or complete list of issues that have occurred during the quarter.

Government directed


Over the last six-plus months, government-directed Internet shutdowns in report, finding that In 2022, governments and other actors disrupted the internet at least 187 times across 35 countries. Cloudflare Radar is proud to support Access Now’s #KeepItOn initiative, using our data to help illustrate the impact of Internet shutdowns and other disruptions.

To follow Internet disruptions as they occur, check the Cloudflare Radar Outage Center (CROC) or the Radar API. On social media, follow @CloudflareRadar on Twitter or on Mastodon.

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