Amazon EC2 C6id, M6id, R6id instances are now available in additional regions

Starting today, Amazon EC2 C6id, M6id and R6id instances are available in the AWS GovCloud (US-West) Region. These instances are powered by 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable Ice Lake processors with an all-core turbo frequency of 3.5 GHz and up to 7.6 TB of local NVMe-based SSD block-level storage. Compared to previous generation C5d, M5d and R5d instances, C6id, M6id and R6id instances deliver up to 15% better price performance. C6id offers up to 138% higher TB storage per vCPU and 56% lower cost per TB; M6id and R6id offer up to 58% higher TB storage per vCPU, and 34% lower cost per TB.

Source:: Amazon AWS