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Oracle ties up with Nvidia to offer AI supercomputing service

Oracle is partnering with Nvidia to offer a new AI supercomputing service, dubbed DGX Cloud and available immediately, using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s Supercluster.

“OCI has excellent performance. They have a two-tier computing fabric and management network,” Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said during his keynote at the company’s annual GTC conference on Tuesday.

Nvidia is working with other cloud providers to provide similar services, but Oracle is its first partner to go live with an offering.

 “Nvidia’s CX7 along with Oracle’s non-blocking remote direct access memory (RDMA) forms the computing fabric,” Huang said. “And Bluefield 3 will be the infrastructure processor for the management network. The combination is a state-of-the-art DGX AI supercomputer that can be offered as a multitenant cloud service.”

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Source:: Network World – Data Center

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