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Issue #570 (March 28, 2023)

#570 – MARCH 28, 2023

Lessons Learned From Four Years Programming With Python

What are the core lessons you’ve learned along your Python development journey? What are key takeaways you would share with new users of the language? This week on the show, Duarte Oliveira e Carmo is here to discuss his recent talk, “Four Years of Python.”

Data Modeling, Parsing and Validation Using Pydantic

Pydantic is a Python library that provides data validation and settings management using Python type annotations. It allows developers to define a schema for their data, which includes the expected data types, default values, and validation rules.
SAMEER SHUKLA • Shared by Sameer Shukla

ChatGPT Outage: Here’s What Happened

On March 20th ChatGPT had an outage. It was caused by an asyncio redis-py client bug and also resulted in a data leak. Read more for details.

Snyk Top 10: Python OSS Vulnerabilities Cheat Sheet

Deep dive into the most prevalent critical and high open source vulnerabilities found by Snyk scans of Python apps in 2022. Learn more about how these high-risk vulnerabilities might be impacting open source packages you are using today and how to fix them →
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Docker No Longer Sunsetting the Free Team Plan


GitHub Updated Their RSA SSH Host Key


The Python Package Index Launches a Blog


Django 4.2 Release Candidate 1 Released


Articles & Tutorials

Ban 1+N in Django

The 1+N database anti-pattern is common: fetch some rows from the database then re-fetch specific rows to get all the items. An ORM can hide this away and make you not realize it is happening. This article talks about how to stop it in Django. With added meta-bonus: he links to how he attempted to write the article with ChatGPT.

Deep Neural Nets: 33 Years Ago and 33 Years From Now

This article examines the original paper that proposed back propagation neural nets and relates what has changed and what is the same. Using that knowledge, it looks forward to what neural nets may be able to do decades from now. Includes accompanying code samples.

The Best Way to Structure Your NoSQL Data Using Python

Data modeling can be challenging. The question that most often comes up is, “How do I structure my data?” The short answer: it depends. That’s why the Redis folks wrote a comprehensive e-book that goes through 8 different optimal scenarios and shows how to model them in Redis →
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No-async async With Python

“A (reasonable) criticism of async is that it tends to proliferate in your code. In order to await something, your functions must be async all the way up the call-stack. Textual is an async framework, but doesn’t require the app developer to use the async.” Learn how Textual accomplishes async-agnosticism.

reduce(): The Power of a Single Python Function

“While Python is not a pure functional programming language, you still can do a lot of functional programming in it. In fact, just one function – reduce() – can do most of it.” This article introduces you to reduce().

When Should You Use .__repr__() vs .__str__() in Python?

In this tutorial, you’ll learn the difference between the string representations returned by .__repr__() vs .__str__() and understand how to use them effectively in classes that you define.

How to Control Crowds with Python, OpenCV and InfluxDB

In this quick training, learn how to build a face recognition application using open source tools like OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) and InfluxDB time series platform. Github repository included.

Use TOML for .env Files?

Using .env files to specify configuration environments can be handy, but problematic when it comes to multiple platforms. Some toolsets are starting to explore the use of TOML instead.

Marketing for Developers

A few simple steps can make all the difference in whether your project gets noticed. This article is about Django projects, but most of the advice applies across all code bases.

Run a Flask Server Inside a Readonly Docker Container

Learn how to run a Python server inside a read-only Docker container and how to pre-bundle the SCSS and JS files in a separate step.

Apify Python SDK: Build and Manage Web Scraping Solutions in the Cloud

Build scrapers in the cloud and rely on the Apify platform for data storage, scheduling runs, and proxies.
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VS Code Shortcuts for Efficient Python Programmers

Learn keyboard shortcuts that will make you a more efficient and productive Python programmer with VS Code.

Generate Images Using OpenAI and DALL·E 2

Learn how to use Python to interface with OpenAI’s API to do image generation.

Projects & Code

alpaca-lora: Instruct-Tune LLaMA Text Model


workedon: Track Your Work From the Shell

GITHUB.COM/VISESHRP • Shared by Visesh Prasad

chatblade: A CLI Swiss Army Knife for ChatGPT


pooch: A Friend to Fetch Your Data Files


nicegui: Create Web-Based UI With Python



Heidelberg Python Meetup

March 29, 2023


March 29, 2023

Weekly Real Python Office Hours Q&A (Virtual)

March 29, 2023

SPb Python Drinkup

March 30, 2023

PyTexas 2023

April 1 to April 3, 2023

Melbourne Python Users Group, Australia

April 3, 2023

Happy Pythoning!
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