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How Cloudflare and IBM partner to help build a better Internet

How Cloudflare and IBM partner to help build a better Internet

How Cloudflare and IBM partner to help build a better Internet

In this blog post, we wanted to highlight some ways that Cloudflare and IBM Cloud work together to help drive product innovation and deliver services that address the needs of our mutual customers. On our blog, we often discuss exciting new product developments and how we are solving real-world problems in our effort to make the internet better and many of our customers and partners play an important role.

IBM Cloud and Cloudflare have been working together since 2018 to integrate Cloudflare application security and performance products natively into IBM Cloud. IBM Cloud Internet Services (CIS) has customers across a wide range of industry verticals and geographic regions but they also have several specialist groups building unique service offerings.

The IBM Cloud team specializes in serving clients in highly regulated industries, aiming to ensure their resiliency, performance, security and compliance needs are met. One group that we’ve been working with recently is IBM Cloud for Financial Services. This group extends the capabilities of IBM Cloud to help serve the complex security and compliance needs of banks, financial institutions and fintech companies.

Bot Management

As malicious bot attacks get more sophisticated and manual mitigations become more onerous, a dynamic and adaptive solution is required for enterprises running Internet facing workloads. With Cloudflare Bot Management on IBM Cloud Internet Services, we aim to help IBM clients protect their Internet properties from targeted application abuse such as account takeover attacks, inventory hoarding, carding abuse and more. Bot Management will be available in the second quarter of 2023.

Threat actors specifically target financial services entities with Account Takeover Attacks, and this is where Cloudflare can help. As much as 71% of login requests we see come from bots (Source: Cloudflare Data) Cloudflare’s Bot Management is powered by a global machine learning model that analyses an average of 45 million HTTP requests a second to track botnets across our network. Cloudflare’s Bot Management solution has the potential to benefit all IBM CIS customers.

Supporting banks, financial institutions, and fintechs

IBM Cloud has been a leader when it comes to providing solutions for the financial services industry and has developed several key management solutions that are designed so clients only need to store their private keys in custom built devices.

The IBM CIS team wants to incorporate the right mix of security and performance, which necessitates the use of cloud-based DDoS, WAF, and Bot Management. Specifically, they wanted to incorporate the powerful security tools that were offered through IBM’s Enterprise-level Cloud Internet Services offerings. When using a cloud solution, it is necessary to proxy traffic which can create a potential challenge when it comes to managing private keys. While Cloudflare adopts strict controls to protect these keys, organizations in highly regulated industries may have security policies and compliance requirements that prevent them from sharing these private keys.

Enter Cloudflare’s Keyless SSL solution.

Cloudflare built Keyless SSL to allow customers to have total control over exactly where private keys are stored. With Keyless SSL and IBM’s key storage solutions, we aim to help enterprises benefit from the robust application protections available through Cloudflare’s WAF, including Cloudflare Bot Management, while still retaining control of their private keys.

“We aim to ensure our clients meet their resiliency, performance, security and compliance needs. The introduction of Keyless SSL and Bot Management security capabilities can further our collaborative accomplishments with Cloudflare and help enterprises, including those in regulated industries, to leverage cloud-native security and adaptive threat mitigation tools.”
Zane Adam, Vice President, IBM Cloud.
“Through our collaboration with IBM Cloud Internet Services, we get to draw on the knowledge and experience of IBM teams, such as the IBM Cloud for Financial Services team, and combine it with our incredible ability to innovate, resulting in exciting new product and service offerings.”
David McClure, Global Alliance Manager, Strategic Partnerships

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