ENA Express now supports 15 new EC2 Instances

ENA Express now supports 15 new instances including: C6i.32xlarge, C6i.metal, C6id.32xlarge, C6id.metal, M6i.32xlarge, M6i.metal, M6id.32xlarge, M6id.metal, R6i.32xlarge, R6i.metal, R6id.32xlarge, R6id.metal, i4i.32xlarge, i4i.metal, and im4gn.16xlarge. Customers using these instances today can now enable ENA Express with a simple configuration. ENA Express is a networking feature that uses the AWS Scalable Reliable Datagram (SRD) protocol to improve network performance in two key ways: higher single flow bandwidth and lower tail latency for network traffic between EC2 instances. SRD is a proprietary protocol that delivers these improvements through advanced congestion control, multi-pathing, and packet reordering directly from the Nitro card. 

Source:: Amazon AWS