10 highly useful add-ins for Microsoft Office

The tools available in Microsoft Office are versatile, but sometimes you want to do something that Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word can’t accommodate. Chances are good that you can find an add-in that will give you that little extra something.

Hundreds of add-ins are available for Office, but surprisingly few stand out. We’ve gathered 10 that we think will be useful for a wide variety of business users. (Note that some require Microsoft 365 subscriptions.) They’ll give you a boost whether you’re using the desktop or web Office apps.

But first, we’ll provide a quick tutorial on installing Office add-ins.

How to find and install Office add-ins

To install an add-in via the Office Ribbon: Open a document or start a new document. On the Ribbon toolbar above the document, click the Insert tab and then click the Get Add-ins button. (In the Office web apps, the button is called simply Add-ins. In the desktop apps, you may need to click Insert > Add-ins > Get add-ins. In Outlook, you click the Home tab to access the Get Add-ins button at the end of the toolbar.)

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Source:: Computerworld