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Preview any Cloudflare product today

Preview any Cloudflare product today

With Cloudflare’s pace of innovation, customers want to be able to see how our products work and sooner to address their needs without having to contact someone. Now they can, without any commitments or limits on monetary value and usage caps.

Ready to get started? Here’s how it works.

For any product* that is currently not part of an enterprise contract, users with administrative access will have the ability to enable the product on the Cloudflare dashboard. With a single click of a button, they can start configuring any required features within seconds.

You have access to resources that can help you get started as well as the ongoing support of your sales team. You will be otherwise left to enjoy the product and our team members will be in contact after about 2 weeks. We always look to collect feedback and can also discuss how to have it added to your contract. If more time is needed in the evaluation phase, no problem. If it is decided that it is not a right product fit, we will offboard the product without any penalties.

We are working on offering more and more self-service capabilities that traditionally have not been offered to our enterprise customers. We’ll also be enhancing this overall experience over the next few months to increase visibility and improve the self-guided journey.

Log into the dashboard to start exploring any products today!

*There are some products that will never be fully self-service, but we will look for opportunities to streamline the onboarding as much as possible. Examples include access to our China Network and Registrar. Support for the following products is still on the roadmap: R2, Cache Reserve, Image Resizing, CASB, DLP and BYOIP.

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