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It’s 2023 — time for new Windows hardware?

So, you’re ready to buy a new Windows computer to replace that old laptop you’ve been using for years — the one with the worn-out keyboard and cracked monitor — and you’re trying to figure out where to get it. The short answer: it depends. Do you prefer to try out keyboards before you buy? Do you like to peruse technology in a store dedicated to one brand, or compare various computers side by side? Or maybe you prefer to compare options online and build exactly what you want.

With Windows 11 now offered on most systems, there are certain minimum specifications to keep in mind. The hard drive and RAM, for example, can be difficult to upgrade later on — especially on some laptops. These days, with the ability to move data online or onto USB flash drives, getting a larger main drive isn’t as critical as it used to be. I rarely see Windows laptops sold now with less than 256GB of storage, but that may be enough for most users. And typically, to support Windows 11’s minimum processor requirements, you’ll need an Intel Core i7 or Core i9 processor.

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Source:: Computerworld