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Issue #561 (Jan. 24, 2023)

#561 – JANUARY 24, 2023

How to Get and Use the Current Time in Python

In this tutorial, you’ll be getting the current time in Python. You’ll get your hands on a datetime object that represents the current time. You’ll see how to format it according to international standards, and you’ll even check out how computers represent time.

Property-Based Testing With Hypothesis and Pytest

This tutorial is a gentle guide to property-based testing. Property-based testing is a testing philosophy; a way of approaching testing that will bring you many benefits that other types of testing don’t give you.
RODRIGO GIRÃO SERRÃO • Shared by Rodrigo Girão Serrão

Building an IoT App with InfluxDB Cloud, Python, and Flask

Step-by-step tutorial for building a monitoring app. The prototype is serverless, with zero infrastructure to manage, and free—all built on the free tier of InfluxDB time series platform →

Boost Your Python Performance Using Continuous Profiling

Learn how to use Grafana Phlare and continuous profiling to discover bottlenecks in you code and boost the performance of your Python applications

CircleCI Security Incident: Rotate Your Keys

CircleCI says hackers stole encryption keys and customers’ secrets.


What Is Your Favorite Tech Podcasts These Days?


Python Jobs

Python Video Course Instructor (Anywhere)

Real Python

Python Tutorial Writer (Anywhere)

Real Python

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Articles & Tutorials

Analyzing Labor Markets in Python With LODES Data

This article shows step-by-step instructions on how to use pandas and pygris to analyze geographical data. The example uses the LODES (LEHD Origin-Destination Employment Statistics) data set, a synthetic data set with US Census block and job workplace data, to map the commute flow to Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Using the Terminal on macOS

In this Code Conversation video course, you’ll learn how to use the terminal on macOS. You’ll navigate the file system with Philipp and Martin and perform common tasks like creating files and folders. If you’ve never used the terminal before, then this video course will help you get started.

Get Personalized Insight from Python Experts

We are performance tuners, Django and Python experts, infrastructure and scaling architects. We’ve worked with over a hundred companies and teams of all types. We know what works best and which roads lead to failure. Let our experience guide you, your code, and your processes to smoother waters →
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A Not So Unfortunate Sharp Edge in Pipenv

Pipenv keeps hashes of installed projects to help protect from supply chain attacks. Something interesting happened though when a project didn’t change version numbers but did change hashes, learn just what the edge case was and how it complicated build repeatability.

One a Day One Liners With Python

Three weeks ago Jeremy started writing a mini-blog posting each day about a Python one-liner. This week’s theme is vector and matrix processing. Last week was on text processing.
JEREMY BROWN • Shared by Jeremy Brown

Awesome Design Patterns

This is a curated list of software and architecture design patterns. It has language specific sections as well as general architecture sections such as cloud, big data, devops, IOT, serverless, micro-services, and more.

4 Tips for Structuring Your Research Group’s Python Packages

This opinion piece by David Aaron Nicholson gives some great advice about how to name and structure your packages. Life lessons learned by coming across modules that weren’t so elegantly structured.

Authentication With Django and Single Page Apps

Single Page Applications (SPA) often use passed tokens for authenticated pages. This article shows you how to use Django’s session based auth mechanism in conjunction with an SPA.

Using pytest to Test PySpark Code

This article shows you how to run automated tests on your PySpark code using the pytest. It delves into some of the pitfalls and how to make your tests performant.
GARY BAKE • Shared by Gary Bake

Data is the Lifeblood of Modern Businesses

What are the most common mistakes companies make when it comes to managing and protecting sensitive user data? Read the guide now to learn how to move fast without breaking privacy.
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Improving Python Packaging: Why 14 Tools Are 12 Too Many

A journey to the world of Python packaging, a visit to the competition, a hopeful look at the future, and highlights from a disappointing discussion.

Why Polars Uses Less Memory Than Pandas

Polars is an alternative to Pandas than can often run faster—and use less memory! This article shows you how to go from Pandas to Polars.

Projects & Code

Trace Your Python Process Line by Line

GITHUB.COM/FURKANONDER • Shared by Furkan Onder

Finds All 3rd-Party Imports in Your Python Project

GITHUB.COM/SAADMK11 • Shared by Maksudul Haque High Performance Python Web Server


pybboxes: Light Weight Toolkit for Bounding Boxes


CustomTkinter: Python UI-library Based on Tkinter



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January 28, 2023

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