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AWS Fault Injection Simulator announces increased quotas for target resources

AWS Fault Injection Simulator (FIS) now supports higher resource quotas and quota adjustment using AWS Service Quotas. Quotas, also referred to as limits, are the maximum values for the resources, actions, and items in an AWS account. Previously, a maximum of 5 resources could be targeted by an FIS action. Now, you can adjust the maximum number of resources that some FIS fault actions can target using AWS Service Quotas. Quotas are now more granular so you can define quotas for specific combinations of FIS fault action and target resource type. For example, you can increase the number of instances which terminate from 5 to 200. Actions with increased quotas include EC2 reboot instances, EC2 stop instances, EC2 terminate instances, ECS stop task, Spot instance interruptions, and Systems Manager send command, which supports CPU stress, memory stress, IO stress, kill process, network blackhole, network latency, and network packet loss.

Source:: Amazon AWS