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How Bolt uses Slack to kill internal email

At mobility services company Bolt, there’s a saying: “If you aren’t on Slack, you aren’t working.”

Founded in 2013 in Estonia, the company—which offers ridesharing, scooter and bike rental, and food and grocery delivery services in 45 countries—now boasts more than 3,000 employees, all of whom communicate exclusively through Slack. 

Speaking at Slack’s Frontier event in London earlier this year, Mathis Bogens, head of internal communications at Bolt, explained that the messaging platform is so ingrained within Bolt’s company culture that the organization has essentially eliminated internal emails.  

Back in 2017, Bolt had about 250 employees, all of whom were communicating on Skype. Back then, Skype was based in Estonia and had a team of homegrown developers working on developing the product, making it an obvious choice for Bolt at the time. However, as the company sought to expand, it soon became clear that Skype was unable to keep pace with Bolt’s workplace needs and an alternative collaboration platform was sought.

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Source:: Computerworld