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Closing out 2022 with our latest Impact Report

Closing out 2022 with our latest Impact Report

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To conclude Impact Week, which has been filled with announcements about new initiatives and features that we are thrilled about, today we are publishing our 2022 Impact Report.

In short, the Impact Report is an annual summary highlighting how we are helping build a better Internet and the progress we are making on our environmental, social, and governance priorities. It is where we showcase successes from Cloudflare Impact programs, celebrate awards and recognitions, and explain our approach to fundamental values like transparency and privacy.

We believe that a better Internet is principled, for everyone, and sustainable; these are the three themes around which we constructed the report. The Impact Report also serves as our repository for disclosures consistent with our commitments for the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), and UN Global Compact (UNGC).

Check out the full report to:

  • Explore how we are expanding the value and scope of our Cloudflare Impact programs
  • Review our latest diversity statistics — and our newest employee resource group
  • Understand how we are supporting humanitarian and human rights causes
  • Read quick summaries of Impact Week announcements
  • Examine how we calculate and validate emissions data

As fantastic as 2022 has been for scaling up Cloudflare Impact and making strides toward a better Internet, we are aiming even higher in 2023. To keep up with developments throughout the year, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, and keep an eye out for updates on our Cloudflare Impact page.

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