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Avanade’s support for flex work fosters an efficient IT team

Need to cart the kids to school early in the morning or volunteer for a community program in the late afternoon? At Avanade it’s perfectly acceptable to tend to obligations during the traditional 9-to-5 work schedule, thanks to the Alternative Work Week program, launched in 2022 to promote job flexibility.

As the digital business and IT consultancy emerged from pandemic shutdowns, Avanade leadership recognized a need to change the employee experience with a greater focus on work/life balance and flexibility. With teams scattered around the globe, Avanade’s 135-person IT team was already accustomed to collaborating during off-hours and had built a culture of trust and accountability that extended to people who weren’t actively visible during prime working hours. Now, with the formal Alternative Work Week program well under way, employees can request a schedule that works best for them.

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Source:: Computerworld